Chapter Key Term Website Rubric

1) ADD a definition for each key term. Group the terms in chronological order according to civilizations.   

Make sure the definition is accurate and complete.  Explain the significance of each term.  Make sure the font and styles are legible. = 5 pts

2) ADD a photo, video, or text to at least five key terms.  They must be PRIMARY SOURCES.  Enhance understanding of the definition by either (choose one):

a) adding a relevant photo WITH a CAPTION or

b) embedding a video WITH a brief explanation of what they'll be watching or

c) adding a summary or explanation of primary source text = 5 pts


3) Give a 10-minute presentation of your chapter webpage to the class on the day it is due.

Keep the presentation BRIEF and to the point. Your presentation will be timed, so be faithful to the time limit.  Your classmates will look at your website on their own time. Present to your classmates the interesting things you learned while reading and researching, and what you did on your page. = 5 pts


4) Add discussion of relevance to AP WORLD HISTORY themes. 

Add a discussion of how the events in this time period (chapter) are related to two of the themes in AP WORLD HISTORY. Identify the theme and write at least two paragraphs for each theme. = 5 pts


Total points possible = 20 pts

Points earned = ________ pts

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